MDN Future School Roha CBSE Affiliation

Principal's Message

Anjula Ratan

Ms. Anjula Ratan


Education is a journey from childhood to adulthood and even it continues lifelong. We at MDN Future School wish to make this journey an exciting and fulfilling one. We aim to educate through a holistic approach that will enable our students to explore, excel and utilize their potential to the fullest.

We can achieve this through a curriculum that goes beyond academics and incorporates with in itself various experiences like studying the environment, adventure, leadership training and service to society. Hence make their journey to self-realization a fulfilling one.

Students feel valued and respected at MDN; the democratic ethos pervades every aspect of interaction with students, parents and mentors. It is in such an environment that our students develop an understanding of not just their strength but also their weaknesses. This is turn leads to a healthy self-respect and increased confidence in their problem solving abilities.

To do so the curriculum is an appropriate mix of intelligence quotient, communication quotient, emotional quotient, spiritual quotient and life skills.

With kind regards,

Ms. Anjula Ratan